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TN Visa Renewals

Renewing your TN Visa can be as stressful as when you obtained your initial TN Visa. The process is the same, but you may be scrutinized more to ensure your intent to stay is still of a temporary nature.

Many people think applying by mail alleviates this issue, but it does not. The Immigration Officer may still call you and have an interview on the phone to determine your intent.

The TN Visa Renewal process can be performed easily when you are fully prepared. If you purchased the TN Visa Expert Kit for your initial TN Visa Application, read the chapter on TN Renewals thoroughly, follow the instructions to ensure that you are prepared to obtain your TN Visa successfully.

Here are a few of the things you need to be aware of when renewing your TN Visa:

  • Do you know if your TN Visa Application is valid?
  • Is your TN Visa Employer Letter written in a professional manner, using key phrases and structured in a way that makes the Immigration Officer easily deduce how you qualify for the TN Visa?
  • Are you prepared for the border interview? The Immigration Officer may determine you do not qualify based on your application or your responses.

The TN Visa approval is subjective. Each successive TN Visa Application is scrutinized more closely, so be prepared.

TN Visa Renewal Limits

The TN Visa is a three year visa. It can be as short as one day and as long as three years. The number of renewals is unlimited.

In essence, a renewal application is treated like a new TN Visa Application. There is an emphasis placed on proving your intention to stay is temporarily.

For more details on TN Visa renewals, as well as expert tips and advice, visit our TN Visa Renew Section.