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Solutions That Help You into The United States
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Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application

    Get Your TN Visa Sample Letter

    For each NAFTA Visa Occupation there is a TN Visa Sample Letter available. Obtain the TN Visa Sample Letter for the NAFTA Occupation you qualify for. Once you have the TN1 Visa Sample Letter, use it as a reference to create your TN Visa Employer Letter.

    The TN1 Visa Application process is very subjective. Since 9/11 and the various terrorist attacks, the Immigration Officers scrutinize each application more carefully. The TN1 Visa Employer Letter is one of the most important parts of the TN Visa Application. If the Immigration Officer has any doubts about your qualifications, you will be denied the TN Visa.

    What is in the TN Visa Sample Letter?

    The TN Visa Letter is extremely important. It can mean the difference between successfully obtaining your TN Visa or having your TN Visa being refused.

    The TN Visa Sample Letter contains the essential information for your reference. It contains:

    • Who to address the TN Letter to
    • How to state your NAFTA Occupation
    • How to format your letter to ensure the Immigration Officer can easily find what he is looking for
    • How to explain your company information
    • How to explain your education and work experience
    • How to show your remuneration
    • How to make the 1 or 3 year TN Visa Request

    Using the TN Visa Sample Letter as a reference will allow you to correctly create your TN Visa Application allowing you to easily obtain your TN Visa.

    How to Get Your TN Visa Sample Letter

    It is very important you prepare your TN Visa Employer Letter correctly. It needs shows the Immigration Officer exactly how you qualify for the TN-1 Visa. The TN Visa Expert Kit: Platinum Edition provides you Sample Letters and more to create your TN Visa Application.

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