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Our Company Philosophy

We believe in being ethical in all our business relationships. By attempting to live the "win-win" philosophy we can all prosper. (I know it's a little corny, but true nonetheless).

For the customer, this means providing value in our products and services. We believe the customer should feel like we are working towards helping them. We attempt to do this through excellent support and providing products with value.

For our affiliates, this means ensuring we provide an excellent product, support and ensure our affiliates are paid for the referrals they provide. We attempt to do this with support material (as seen here) and by using reputable affiliate tracking systems.


1st Tier: 20%

The commission structure is based on what can be supported by the various affiliate tracking hosting sites we use.

Super Affiliates:

Again, staying inline with our philosophy. When you become a super affiliate we will contact you to further our relationship and restructure the commission structure to benefit you more.

Join our Affiliate Program

Below are the two network programs affiliates can join:

Affiliate Program Summary and Highlights:

  • Earn a 20% commission per sale made with
  • 60-day cookie setting.
  • Banners and support material available for Affiliates to easily promote TN Visa Expert on your site. serves as an affiliate marketing network for us!