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I am a Canadian visiting my boyfriend in the U.S. and we want to get married. Can I start the Adjustment of Status process or do I need to return to Canada and start the K1 fiance visa or K3/CR1 spouse visa process?


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Oh, hey there! Great question you’ve got. So, if you’re up in Canada and planning to tie the knot with your boyfriend in the U.S., you can totally go ahead and start the Adjustment of Status process. That’s the I-485 thingy. It’s like the green card route, you know?

But hey, a heads up – before you say “I do,” be a bit cautious. There’s this thing about the possibility of people thinking you’ve got some sneaky, fraudulent plans, so just be aware of that. You might want to check out this article called “Green Card Marriage Problems to Avoid.” It’s handy, trust me.

Now, there’s the K1 Visa and the K3/CR1 visa, which are like plan B options. But since you’re already in the U.S., the Adjustment of Status could be a smoother ride for you.

Oh, and a little pro tip – paperwork can be a bit of a maze, so make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. A tiny mistake, like forgetting a supporting document, can mean waiting longer – like 3 or 4 months longer. Yikes, right?

To dodge delays and tackle that paperwork like a champ, there’s this Visa Streamline Service you might wanna check out. It could save you some headaches, you know?

And if you’re feeling a bit lost or confused (which is totally normal in this whole immigration dance), hit up these folks. They’re like the visa gurus – or give ’em a ring at 800-471-6326. Oh, and they’re on Skype too: tnvisaexpert.

Happy wedding planning, and here’s to smooth paperwork sailing! 🎉

Submitted by: Heather G. of Los Angeles, California, USA

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