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How can I renew my TN Visa due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?


The Coronavirus situation is affecting new TN Visa applications as well as TN renewals, here is what you can do.

Due to the increase in Coronavirus cases being found by the Canadian, US and Mexican government, they are implementing strong measures related to immigration visa processing, border crossing and airport restrictions and flight cancellations.

TN Visa Renewal / Extension of Status for Canadians

Safest Option

  • Canadians can file their TN Visa renewal by mail by submitting USCIS Form I-129.
  • Under normal circumstances, this was taking approximately 3-4 months to be approved, with the Coronavirus situation, be prepared for this to take longer.
  • Applications can be filed up to six months in advance, so file earlier!
  • Once filed prior to your TN Visa / I-94 expiration date, the applicant can continue to work past their expiration date while USCIS is processing the application.
  • You will need to submit a complete TN Visa Application in addition to the I-129 Form.

Alternative Option

  • All “non-essential” travel is restricted.
  • TN Visa applications are considered essential travel. This is good news.
  • With the new Mar 21, 2020 essential travel restrictions, TN Visa applicants were not sure if they could cross the border. We have
  • Though Work travel is considered essential, renewing by mail is a very good option. You avoid travel, you avoid possibly getting infected as well as avoiding a denial.
  • Canadians can attempt to submit their application at airports or border crossing but do so with care.
  • We have TN Visa Expert customers who have obtained their TN Visa at the border during the first week of April. This is great news!

TN Visa Renewal / Extension of Status for Mexicans

The Only Option (for now)

Next Steps:

  1. Download the TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition to help you complete the TN Visa application and I-129 Form details to avoid mistakes and problems.
  2. You can read more about the TN Visa Renewal by Mail process.

Submitted by: Rob Lewis of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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