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Are there still TN Visa Jobs due to Coronavirus?


Yes, there are TN Visa job list during this Coronavirus pandemic.

You have to know where to look. We will show you how COVID-19 is creating opportunities your industry. Read on and we will tell how to do this.

It’s true many companies are affected.

Companies in retail, leisure, travel and tourism industry have been most impacted.

Many companies are affected as people avoid public places such as restaurants, theaters, offices, shopping malls and more.

Companies have furloughed many employees (leave of absence). When you hear of this, look at which industry the company falls into. Is it an industry mentioned above? Do not worry – there are a lot of other industries affected less.

The TN Visa is an immigration visa for professionals. Most of the USMCA/NAFTA jobs applicants apply for are not in the service industry.

TN Visa Job Opportunity Areas

Companies are in an initial shock and this is an opportunity for you. As companies overcome this shock of the Coronavirus, they will start dealing with the reality of it.

They will see opportunities in the following areas and so should you:

  • Updating their website for COVID-19, send communications out to their customers
  • Updating their website for COVID-19, sending communications out to their customers
  • Opportunity for online training, tutorials, remote learning
  • Planning for shortages in their workforce due to Coronavirus sickness
  • Ensuring critical business workflows continue to operate (hiring a backup workforce)
  • Surge in COVID related work (medical support, technicians, website modifications, systems analyst, designers, software development, research, etc.)

Employers are starting to plan for 60% of their workforce to get infected. As their employees get infected with the Coronavirus, there will be a shortage of workers. Companies will be left scrambling if they didn’t plan for it. This is an opportunity for you.

With the population self-isolating and quarantined, everyone is looking to the Internet to assist them. Employers are figuring out how to deliver their products and services online, remotely. Some companies, such as Amazon is seeing a surge in demand and is hiring. You may think these are warehouse jobs, jobs for drivers, etc.

This is true, but if you think bigger, they will need professionals to manage this growth and this large labor force. Are you able to find opportunities in this and start applying?

Take Action – Get Ahead of Other Applicants

Companies need to survive and are adaptable – just like us. They are looking for opportunities to generate revenue and keep moving forward. For example, companies were scrambling to get their websites updated due to Coronavirus during March. Many websites you visit have a comment or a section about their response to COVID-19. Some are scrambling while others have moved to the next stage of opportunities. Start thinking now of how you can assist. Find these jobs and apply.

If you were thinking of waiting to apply, don’t. Stay ahead of the game. As people are in survival mode and emotional turmoil, you can rise above it and find your opportunities.

If you wait long, this will become obvious to everyone and you will have missed your chance. Most companies have started hiring a team of people to manage their website content related to Coronavirus.

Were you ready for this? If not, don’t miss out on the other opportunities.

TN Visa Applications Accepted at the Border

The other good news is we have confirmed TN Visa Expert customers who received their TN Visa in April during COVID-19. The borders are open, a little slow but new applications are being accepted. Applying for TN Visa jobs under USMCA/NAFTA is considered “Essential Travel”.

Next Steps to Find Your TN Visa Job

1. First, take the necessary precautions for your safety and your family’s safety.

2. Once you feel comfortable this has been met, get started.

3. Download the TN Visa Kit – Platinum Edition. Read the section on how to interview and answer employer questions.

4. Identify opportunity areas in your industry as we listed above.

5. Start applying or contacting employers.

If you have questions, please contact us. We are here to help.

Submitted by: Denis Brown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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