TN Visa Essential Check List

Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application.

TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I think I qualify for the TN Visa. Can you tell me how to start figuring the TN Visa process out?


FAQ image Great question. Here are some key steps to take for the TN Visa:
TN Visa Step 1. Determine if you qualify for NAFTA.
Review the official NAFTA Job List and identify what Occupation you would qualify under:
Watch the following video to help you determine how to qualify:
TN Visa Qualify video

TN Visa Step 2. Create your TN Visa Application Letter.
This explains to the Immigration Officer how you and the job meet the NAFTA requirements as well as other key details the Immigration Officer is looking for.

TN Visa Step 3. Gather your TN Visa supporting documents.
Ensure you have all the supporting documents to show the Officer you and the job meet the requirements.

TN Visa Step 4. Prepare for the border interview
Many people do not realize but knowing what to say, how to behave and what to bring will help you avoid making a mistake and getting denied.

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Submitted by: Tony G. of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada