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K1 Visa Processing Time

I am Canadian and want to apply for the K1 fiance visa. My boyfriend is American. What is the average processing time for K1 visas? Will it really take 4 months or longer, because I have to return for a friend’s wedding in 6 months?


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The average processing/wait time for a K1 fiance visa is 4-7 months. A K3 spouse visa takes around 8 months.


The US Embassy in Montreal, Canada seems to be scheduling marriage interviews 4 months out. So be prepared to wait. For your sanity, don’t plan too much during these 4-7 months. Once you receive your interview date, make sure you do not miss it otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time again.

Important: We have had people contact us who did the application themselves and are experiencing processing times of 10-24 months because they made a mistake or missed including all the supporting documents. When this happens they must reschedule their interview date which adds another 4 months. Remember, 30% of initial applications are denied or delayed due to mistakes – so please be careful if you decide to do it yourself.

How to reduce your total processing time.
1. Create a valid application with no mistakes.
2. Include all the necessary supporting documents.
3. Provide affidavits, translations, notaries as required.
4. Address any red flags in your situation with the correct documentation.

Using the Visa Streamline System will allow you to accomplish this.

For 2 payments of $199 you can have your application ready within a week and you can have the confidence that it will be valid.
Email us at to get started or ask your questions.

Submitted by: Betty S. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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