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How Coronavirus is Affecting TN Visa Applications

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting all of us. This is the latest information for new and existing TN Visa Applicants to understand the changing USCIS regulations related to Coronavirus TN Visa. Learn how they affect you when applying or renewing your TN Visa under NAFTA / USMCA.

Coronavirus TN Visa Updates

You will have a clear understanding when you arrive at the airport or border crossing with your TN Visa application.

Latest Coronavirus TN Visa Updates

Sep 15, 2021:

TN Visa Applications are being processed. TN Visa Expert customers continue to successfully obtain their TN visas.

Remember when you are applying for your TN Visa, your travel is considered Essential travel and the restrictions you hear about do not apply to you. Most of the border entry/exit  restrictions apply to people travelling as a tourist.

Remember to follow the required COVID precautions and requirements, such as:

  • Provide a negative COVID test within 72 hours of flying or land border crossing
  • Always wear a mask in public areas
  • If you have obtained your vaccines, show your vaccine card (optional)
  • Arrive early – TN Processing Immigration Officers may have limited schedules.
    • The TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition has the Preclearance office hours and the Land border crossing details.

US Embassies in Mexico are open, TN Visa applications are being accepted at Embassies and Consulates within Mexico.


Sep 25, 2020:

TN Visa Applications and TN Renewals (By mail/I-129 and in person border applications) are being processed. Crossing the border to apply for your TN Visa is still allowed and considered essential travel.

TN Visa Expert customers continue to successfully obtain their TN Visas using the TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition

US Embassies in Mexico are still closed.

Jun 11, 2020:

TN Visa Applications and TN Renewals (By mail/I-129 and in person border applications) are still being processed. Crossing the border to apply for your TN Visa is still allowed and considered essential travel.

As of Jun 04, 2020 USCIS Offices are opening up for limited services with guidelines to adhere to when entering offices.

Application support centers are still closed.

USCIS is not accepting walk-in visits. You must have an appointment scheduled. Appointment notices will contain additional information, please follow as directed.

May 20, 2020:

TN Visa Applications and TN Renewals (By mail/I-129 and in person border applications) are still being processed – this is great news! TN Visa Expert customers are successfully obtaining their TN Visas. Make sure you read the TN Visa Kit chapter on Border preparation to avoid problems during the border interview.

Mexicans currently in the US on TN2 visas are able to renew by mail due to Coronavirus restrictions.

US, Canada and Mexico are extending the “non-essential travel” restriction until it is deemed safe to remove it.

US Embassy in Mexico and all US consulates in Mexico are only servicing essential services for US citizens.

Apr 27, 2020:

President Trump signs Executive order suspending immigration. Trump justifies this proclamation will help the economy recover from the COVID-19 outbreak and put less strain on the US healthcare system.

Suspends immigration visas to aliens outside the US and do not have a valid visa. There are numerous exceptions related to green card holders, spouses and medical professionals

TN Visa applications are still being processed as these are non-immigrant status permits. Non-immigrant visas will be evaluated in 30 days.

If you are considering obtaining a TN Visa, don’t wait. Download the TN Visa Kit – Platinum Kit and get started now.

Apr 23, 2020:

On Mon Apr 20, 2020 President Trump tweeted he would sign an executive order restricting immigration for a temporary amount of time. A few days ago, he indicated temporary visa holders would be exempt. This would mean TN Visa applications would still be permitted.
Thus far nothing has been signed, nothing has been made official. Apply for your TN Visa now, nothing is for certain in the coming weeks.
If you have more questions, we can setup a phone consultation with an immigration lawyer to discuss your situation and your concerns. Complete the Contact us page, to have a call setup.

Apr 22, 2020:

Many questions are being asked about TN Visa applicants collecting unemployment insurance if they are furloughed (leave of absence) or their hours have been reduced due to COVID-19. Yes, it is possible to collect unemployment insurance, it may require a little extra effort on your part, since many state agencies are not always familiar with the rulings.

Read more about why TN Visa holders can obtain unemployment insurance

Read about the US government’s unemployment guidelines due to Coronavirus.

Apr 18, 2020:

Great news for immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa holders regarding CARES and Families First Act related to Coronavirus benefit payments and medical treatment.

TN Visa holders as well as immigrant visa holders are eligible for cash payment of $1200 under CARES Act. Married couples can qualify as well as children for the additional $1200 and $500 per child. Social security numbers are a requirement, so file accordingly.

Under the Families First Act funding for COVID-19 testing and treatment is covered for TN Visa holders.

USCIC has made it clear the public charge test will not be applied for testing, prevention or treatment of COVID-19 / Coronavirus. USCIS urges immigrant families to seek the care they require during this Coronavirus crisis. Speak to your healthcare provider for details.

Apr 05, 2020:

Good news for TN Visa applicants. The land border crossings are still processing TN Visas as they should be. Coronavirus not affecting TN Visa applications except for slower processing times.

We have confirmation of TN Visa Expert customers who applied for their TN Status at border crossings last week and will start working at their new jobs this coming week! They used the TN Visa Kit – Platinum Edition and did not have problems.

IMPORTANT: We still recommend TN Visa renewals to apply by mail, due to the “non-essential travel” guidelines. The Officer could stop you from entering if your application is denied. Previously you could re-enter as a B2 tourist to close your affairs and look for other work. Currently, with the Essential Travel guideline in place, they will not allow this and you will be denied entry. So proceed with caution.

If you were thinking of waiting to apply, don’t. As we’ve mentioned before, there is a demand for jobs due to Coronavirus. Download the TN Visa Kit, read how to prepare for interviews and get started now.

Learn how to find TN Visa Jobs during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Mar 30, 2020:

Last week Homeland Security releases details of how Americans and essential workers can return to the US.

  • Use specially designated airports to enter the US
  • Once your TN Visa application is approved you can continue
  • When you arrive in the US, proceed to Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Undergo an enhanced medical interview
  • If no COVID-19 symptoms, self-quarantine for 15 days
  • If symptomatic, you will be referred to CDC for medical evaluation

What this means to TN Visa and non-immigrant visa holders returning to the US for work. If you are sick or showing some symptoms, do not travel. Travel only if you are confident you are well otherwise you risk a lot of unnecessary exams and possible refusal.

Mar 22, 2020:

Homeland Security releases joint statement of US-Canada Initiative to restrict non-essential travel for 30 days. In effect starting March 21, 2020.


As part of NAFTA / USMCA, new TN Visa Applications are still being accepted by US Immigration and Canadian Officials. Crossing the border for employment is considered “essential work”. Read below for details.

TN Visa Holders Currently Working in the US & Canada

You are in the best position. Stay working, do not leave the country.

If you are working from home or your employer sent you home temporarily do not be worried. As long as you hold a valid job, your TN visa continues to remain valid. You can legally stay in the US as part of the NAFTA / USCMA agreement.


Please ensure you follow the federal, state and local guidelines for isolation, quarantine and lockdown (in some states). Non-immigrants are not citizens and are subject to fines, possible deportation if caught in violation. Remember, these guidelines are for your health and safety.

What if I’m Furloughed (Leave of Absence) due to COVID-19?

If your company asked you to take a leave of absense (furlough) for a specific amount of time or for an indefinite period, your TN Visa may still be valid. Most companies are not firing their employees, just putting a temporary hold on things. If this is the case, then your TN Visa may still be valid since you are still an employee who can be called back to work at anytime.

You may be eligible to claim Unemployment Insurance as well as obtain payments under the CARES Act of $1200.

Remember, every situation is different. If you want to be sure you are not in violation, we recommend you setup a phone consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer to discuss your visa status. Click here to Contact us.
Note: Please include your phone number and best times to contact you. We are busy helping people with their different situations and this will help us respond to you quicker. Thanks

New TN Visa Applications for Canadians

Currently, Canadians are able to submit new TN Visa Application at Pre-clearance centers at major International airports in Canada. You can also apply at land border crossings. The US/Canadian border closure does not apply to air travel for flights between Canada and the US.

As mentioned in the April 05, 2020 update above, TN Visa Expert customers have been approved their TN Visa, so you can too!

The above details also applies to Americans who wish to work in Canada.

To get started, scroll down and read the section: “How to Get Started on Your TN Visa”.

New TN Visa Applications for Mexicans

Unfortunately, for Mexicans the US Embassy in Mexico and all US consulates in Mexico have suspended processing TN visa and other nonimmigrant visas. Watch the US Embassy in Mexico’s special Coronavirus page for the latest updates.

TN Visa Renewals for Canadians and Mexicans

If your TN Visa is expiring in the next 6 months, the best option is to renew by mail. This requires completing Form I-129 and preparing your TN Visa Application.

You can read more details about it in the following articles:

If you are considering re-applying in-person, for now, reconsider. With all the issues, heightened security, confusion and short-staffed immigration workers at the airports and land borders, applying by mail is safer. If you wish to apply at the border do it with caution.

How to Cross the Border for TN Visa as “Essential Travel”

“Essential Travel” is allowed for TN Visa since this includes travel for work.

President Trump tweeted: “We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily closing our Northern Border with Canada to non-essential traffic. Trade will not be affected. Details to follow!”.

Immigration Officers are processing TN applications. If it is a smaller border crossing, you may need to call ahead and verify when a USMCA/NAFTA Officer is on duty or what times they process TN applications. Be prepared for long wait times due to the confusion and shortage of staff. Be patient and calm to help your chances of success.

How to Get Started on Your TN Visa

New TN Visa Job Opportunities

What companies are realizing is that they will be losing staff to sickness for 3 or more weeks due to the Coronavirus. They have critical positions that need to be filled very quickly.

Most people have not realized this and soon there will be a big demand for new employees. Learn how to find TN Visa Jobs during the Coronavirus.

Start on your TN Visa Application

You want to be prepared with your TN Visa application, understand the TN Visa requirements and how to apply during these stressful times.

What can you do to improve your chances of success?

Learn to create your TN Visa Application to save the employer time and money. During the interview you can confidently state you know how to create the TN Application and be at work within 3-5 days!

Download the TN Visa Expert Kit and read the “How to Interview” Chapter. Read the Step by Step instructions on how to create your application letter. Review all the sample letters we provide you.

Do you have more Visa Questions?

We believe this is a time for us to help each other through these challenging times.

Do you have more questions? Contact us now and ask your questions, we are happy to help.

This page will stay abreast of the Coronavirus situation. We will answer emails and continue to support our TN Visa Kit customers. We will also help you set up calls with lawyers when you need additional legal advice.