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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I would like to get the K1 visa. We are engaged and I would like to know the special k1 process at my fiance's U.S. embassy - what should I do?


FAQ image Each U.S. embassy has special procedures for their K1 fiance visa. They are constantly making small changes to their embassy process for the K1 visa in an effort to make it more efficient and less time consuming for the visa processing.

1. Click here to visit our U.S. embassy page for the special K1 visa process as per each embassy.

2. When your fiance receives their K1 visa application Packet 3 from the U.S. embassy, read it carefully and follow the instructions as requested.

3. Send us an email at to get additional details.

Submitted by: Gail S. of Chicago, Illinois, USA