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How to Work and Live in the U.S. Successfully

Working in the U.S. is easy if you know how. Most people fail not because they don’t qualify for a visa or they don’t have a job in the U.S., rather they fail because they set themselves up to fail. They did not take the correct actions to ensure their success.

By the end of this article, you will have the necessary information to take the next steps to live and work in the U.S.

Why People Fail to Immigrate to the U.S.

There is intense competition to come to the U.S. You have chosen to immigrate to one of the most desired countries to live in and any mistakes you make will stop you from living in the U.S.

Again, most people fail to live in the U.S. because they didn’t set themselves up for succeeding and they made mistakes. You may be wondering, well this isn’t going to happen to me? — Are you sure? How do you know? Consider this:

When we are able to get our driver’s license for the first time, we need to take a written and an in-car driver’s test. How do you prepare for it? First, you know you need to pass the written exam. So you study the driver training book and when you think you’re ready – you take the exam and you pass! The next step is the in-car exam. To successfully pass this, you would ask someone you know to teach you how to drive a car. Most likely, this is a parent, relative or close friend who already has a license and is able to teach you. You begin to practice with them. You drive and they sit next to you. You do this every chance you get until you are both of you are confident you will pass the in-car exam. The big day comes and you drive as the Driving Inspector is sitting next to you with their clipboard, you are nervous, scared, anxious and hoping you do everything correctly — and in the end you pass! (lets assume everything went well).

Now if we asked you, “How did you do successfully obtain your driver’s license?” Most people would answer, “I studied and practiced driving until I was ready, then I took the tests.” Though this is correct, it is not accurate. You passed your test because you did a lot more to ensure your success than you realize. Your success lies in the “how” – How you prepared yourself. Here are some of the key elements you did that ensured your success:

  • You determined whether it was important for you to get your driver’s license and whether you’re willing to do what it takes to get your driver’s license.
  • You obtained the driver training manual. You obtained a reliable document which provided all the information you required.
  • Whenever you saw roadsigns you did not understand you would ask someone who knew the answer or you would refer to the driver traning manual.
  • You practiced driving with someone who could teach you how to drive.
  • You had alot of questions and you got answers. You either referenced the driver traning book or you asked someone who knew the answers.

Success Strategy to Live and Work in the U.S.

In the driving test example, There were some key steps taken to ensure you successfully obtained your driver’s license. The key is to realize how you obtain your visa and live in the U.S. will be very similar to how you obtained your license! It’s easy, unfortunately most people don’t realize how to do it successfully.

We are going to give you strategies on how to successfully live and work in the U.S. Your success will be dependent on whether you take the advice. This is not the only way to be successful, but it is the fastest, easiest and most effective method to successfully live in the U.S.

Step 1: How important is it for you to live in the U.S.?

In this step write down why you want to move to move to the U.S. It is important for you to list all the benefits of coming to the U.S. If you are married, do this step with your wife. Examples of this can by your salary, job benefits, increase in standard of living, better weather, great business opportunities, lifestyle, etc.

If you want to achieve your goal of moving to the U.S., you want to be clear with yourself how important it is for to achieve this dream. There may be times when you may begin to doubt yourself, procrastinate and it is at this time you want to inspire yourself with these reasons. You will not remember these reasons when you’re ready to give up trying – so write it down now.

You want to begin spending time and focusing on achieving this goal based on how important it is. Know that living in the U.S. is achievable if you’re ready. This does not mean its going to be difficult, just that you need to focus.

Step 2: Decide by when you want to be living in the U.S.?

Decide what date you want to be in the U.S. by. When your friends and family ask when you’re leaving, you proudly state this date. Let everyone know.

When you pick a date, you get yourself committed to making it a reality and you’re now focused on achieving your goal by a certain time.

Step 3: List the actions you need to accomplish to move to the U.S.

List all the major things you need to complete to move to the U.S. We are going to concentrate on items relevant to your immigration visa, but you may have other actions that will need to be considered such as selling your house, etc. List them all.

  • I need to the best visa to apply for to live in the U.S.
  • I need to find a job in the U.S. before I move.
  • Other actions (sell house, sell car, find new school for kids, etc).

Step 4: Setting yourself up for success. Use the right resources.

Definition of Resource: Something or someone that can be used for support or help

You do not have to do this alone! There are many ways to get support and you want to take advantage of this.

You’re very clear and motivated to live in the U.S., so ensure you use the best resources to assist you in accomplishing your goal. Similar to the driver’s license exam, you obtain the driver training manual because it had all the information you required. You also asked someone who knew how to drive to teach you. Similarly, use resources you can trust and are experts in their field. We will provide valuable resources to help you with your immigration visa.

Common Mistake leading to Failure: Most people will make their decisions based on money. Yes, money plays a factor – but to be successful, you want to identify all your resources first and then make your decision.

Step 5: Identify Resources for your Success

For each item you listed in Step 3, begin identifying websites, books, people, experts that can help you accomplish completing each item in Step 3 quickly and effectively.

Common Mistake leading to Failure: Most people list a couple of resources and eventually decide they will do it themselves. To be extremely successful and complete your task quickly – have other’s help you accomplish the task.

Using our example list from Step 3, here is a list our list of resources in order of priority:

Resource List: Find which the best visa to apply for to live in the U.S.

  • Speak with an experienced immigration lawyer
  • Use TN Visa Expert’s Visa Qualification tool
  • Search the US Immigration site for visa information
  • Search the Internet for US Immigration information
  • Other actions (sell house, sell car, find new school for kids, etc).

Resource List: Find a job in the U.S.

  • Obtain a list of top recruiters in my field to help me find a job
  • Search online career sites

Step 6: Get into Action

Now that you’ve identified your resources, begin getting into action. Find immigration lawyers you wish to speak to, contact recruiters, search the internet. Do not get overwhelmed, take one step at a time.

Common Mistake leading to Failure: Most people do not take action or they begin to take actionand then tell themselves its too hard.

To help you easily live in the U.S, TN Visa Expert has the following resources to help you:

You can easily live in the U.S. Once you’ve determined if you qualify make the resolve into having your dream a reality. Use the strategy we’ve provided to successfully obtain your visa and live in the U.S.