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Where are the Jobs? – Part One

The healthcare industry is strong right now compared to other industries, but medical units are not quarantined from budget cuts. Are you prepared to demonstrate to a new facility the benefits of hiring your nursing care? It is smart to … Continue reading

16. May 2009 by roger
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Where are all the jobs? Part Two

Welcome back to Part Two of our resume writing series!  Our next part of the series will focus on preparing an effective resume. First things first – your resume essentials.  Before you write, take time to do a self-assessment on … Continue reading

29. April 2009 by karen
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Learning more about travel nursing…

Did you know that travel nursing occurred when the designated “nurse”, elder healer or town doctor would travel up and down dirt roads from home to home with their bag of medical tools or simple home remedies?  In the 1980’s, … Continue reading

29. April 2009 by karen
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Nursing Abroad

There are many reasons for becoming involved in this type of innovative work and this paper will attempt to highlight the exciting nature and the benefits it can generate.  Why choose nursing abroad as a career? Many reasons come to … Continue reading

30. March 2009 by karen
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TN Visa – From Canada to the U.S. in Under 30 days, Part 1

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the dead of winter in Edmonton. We had a recent cold spell of -30 Celsius…the car doors creaked…the roads were frozen…it was just cold…damn cold. My wife hates the cold and … Continue reading

30. December 2008 by roger
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