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TN1 Visa Employer/Application Letter

The TN1 Visa Employer Letter is one of the most important aspects of the TN1 Visa Application. Its sole purpose is to inform the Immigration officer how you and the job meet the qualifications for the TN1 Visa. Remember, the TN1 Visa Employer letter is not the same as your employer's offer letter. The TN1 Visa Employer Letter contains information about your job, your employer, and several other aspects that show you meet the criteria of the TN Visa under NAFTA.

How important is the TN1 Visa Employer Letter?

The TN1 Visa Employer Letter is extremely important. It can mean the difference between successfully obtaining your TN Visa or having your TN Visa being refused.

The TN1 Visa Application process is very subjective. Since 9/11 and the various terrorist attacks, the Immigration Officers scrutinize each application more carefully. The TN1 Visa Employer Letter is one of the most important parts of the TN Visa Application. If the Immigration Officer has any doubts about your qualifications, you will be denied the TN Visa. 

Can I write the TN1 Visa Employer Letter or does my employer have to write it?

The recommended approach to writing the TN Visa Employer Letter is for you and your employer to do it together. The TN Visa Expert Application Kit identifies which parts you should write and which parts your employer should complete.

I've been denied previously, does my TN1 Visa Employer Letter need to be different?

Yes, your TN Visa Employer Letter needs to be different. After each TN1 Visa denial, your application will be more scrutinized and it becomes more difficult to successfully obtain your TN1 Visa.  It's not impossible, but more difficult.

The TN Visa Expert Application Kit comes with a Sample Employer Letter after one denial. This will help you to create your Employer Letter. 

Employer Letters Specific For Your NAFTA Occupation

It is important you obtain a sample TN1 Visa Employer Letter specific for your NAFTA Occupation. This will provide a reference so you can easily create your own TN1 Visa Employer Letter specific to your occupation and increase your chances of success.

The TN Visa Expert Kit Platinum Edition provides additional sample TN Visa Employer Letters specific to each NAFTA Occupation. The TN Visa Expert Kit Gold Edition provides sample letters for Zoologist (Animal Keeper, Zoo Keeper, etc), and Medical Laboratory Technologist.

How To Create A Great TN1 Visa Employer Letter

It is of the utmost importance that you prepare your TN Visa Employer Letter so it shows the Immigration Officer exactly how you qualify for the TN-1 Visa. The TN Visa Expert Kit shows you how to write a great TN Visa Employer Letter by providing:

  • A Template Employer Letter
  • Several Sample TN1 Visa Employer Letters to use as a reference
  • Easy Step-by-Step instructions for how to create your own TN Visa Employer Letter

For tips on how to Create A Great TN Visa Employer Letter click here.