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U.S. Embassy: Frankfurt, Germany


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If you apply at the USCIS in Frankfurt and you have completed the "Request for Visa Interview Page" , mail list and documents to:

Normal Mail:
U.S. Consulate General
Immigrant Visa Unit
Giessener Strasse 30
60435 Frankfurt

DPO Address:
U.S. Consulate General
Immigrant Visa Unit
PSC 115 Box 1011
DPO AE 09213-0115

After your interview request and all required documents have been received, the Consulate will complete all necessary administrative processing of your immigrant visa application. You may be requested to provide additional information if you have incomplete or are missing documents.

Embassy Contact Details

Telephone 49-069-7535-0
GMT Time GMT +2hrs
Office Hours Monday Wednesday Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Address American Consulate General Giessener Str. 30 60435 Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt, Germany
City Frankfurt
Country Germany
Best Contact Method Email

K1 Visa, K3 Visa and CR1 Visa Processing Details

This U.S. embassy processes K1 visas, K3 visas and CR1 visas.

This embassy has special K1 visa, K3 visa and CR1 visa procedures, email us if you need to know what these steps are.

If you have any questions about your situation, email us at: