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    I am going for a job interview, do I request a Tourist or Business visa (B1/B2 visa)?


    Allison’s Full Question:
    A company in the U.S. wants to fly me in to the office for a personal interview. I live in Canada and will apply for a TN Visa if they hire me. What do I say when I enter the U.S.? Do I state this trip is for business or pleasure and which visa do I ask for a B1 visa or B2 visa?

    This is a very good question. Always be truthful.

    If you are visiting family or travelling for a week to see the sights and were asked to interview during this time, your intention at the time of entry was as a B2 tourist.

    If the intention of your trip is primarily for the interview, then you would ask for the B1 Business visa. Having an invitation letter to interview is a good idea as well.

    If you are going to combine this into a vacation, then this is a grey area and one should be careful. Usually, if you have prior knowledge of the interview, then it can be argued that it is still a business trip. Best to be honest with the Officer and explain you are doing both and they will issue the appropriate type of visa.

    If you still have questions, you should get them answered so you are prepared to answer the Immigration Officer’s questions. Setup a phone consultation, the first 5 minutes are free.

    Submitted by: Allison G. of Windsor, Ontario

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