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Do I have to return to Canada to apply for a TN Visa with a new employer or can I go to the New York airport (JFK)?


Oh, hey there! So, about that TN visa hustle – you’re not totally chained to Canada for this. You can actually go for it at a U.S. port of entry like JFK Airport. But hold up, gotta keep a few things on the radar, ya know?

First off, make sure you’ve got that valid passport from your home turf – Canada, in this case. And hey, you gotta have your job game set up in the U.S. already, whether it’s full-time or part-time with a U.S. employer. Oh, and don’t forget to meet the educational and experience needs for the specific TN visa you’re gunning for.

Here’s the deal: when you roll up to a port of entry, it’s usually a bit more casual than hitting up a consulate or embassy. But hey, don’t kick back too much – you might still get asked for docs or get grilled about your TN visa bid.

Few extra nuggets

If you’re already in the U.S. on a TN visa, you can snag a new one with a new employer without jetting out of the country. But, big ol’ red flag here – if you get the thumbs down on your TN visa at the entry port, no U.S. entry for you.

Remember, visa stuff can be a bit of a maze sometimes, so if you need the pros, hit up these folks – they’re the visa gurus: or ring ’em up at 800-471-6326. Oh, and guess what? They’re on Skype too: tnvisaexpert.

Submitted by: Stacy C. of San Francisco, California, USA

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