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My fiance is pregnant can I expedite the K1 Visa application?


FAQ image In most cases USCIS has expedite criterias and in most cases a pregnancy does apply unless it causes severe financial loss or is an extreme emergent situation.

Your options are:
1. Submit your K1 visa application as quick as possible. With the Visa Streamline System K1 Visa Service you can get your application prepared in as little as 3 days.

In most circumstances, your fiance will fly after the baby is born and your new baby will obtain the K-2 visa.

Use the Visa Streamline System - K1 Fiance Visa service to get started for this situation.

2. Get married now and apply for the K3/CR1 spouse visa.
This is also a viable option. The big difference here is you will be able to have your baby's birth registered abroad as a U.S. citizen (much easier to do when you are married rather than engaged).

Use the Visa Streamline System - K3/CR1 Spouse Visa service to help you with your application.

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Submitted by: Scott N. of New York, New York, USA