TN Visa Essential Check List

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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I am an American Engineer in Oil and Gas industry and have a job offer to work in Alberta Canada? Do I qualify and will the TN Visa Expert Kit work for me?


FAQ image Yes. If your job requires someone with an Engineering degree and you have the qualifications to do the job, you can qualify for the TN Visa.

See the TN Visa Requirements for details.

Also, the TN Visa Expert Kit works for Americans. The NAFTA Treaty has the same requirements for Americans, Mexicans and Canadians. We also have a special chapter providing you information on how to handle the slight differences and the TN Visa Kit has sample application letters for Americans who wish to apply to Canada so that you create a valid application and are fully prepared at the border. You also get the money back guarantee.

Submitted by: Adam K. of Houston, Texas, USA.