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I have a Computing degree and wish to apply for a TN Visa. What NAFTA occupation would I apply under?


Hey there! So, with your Computing degree, aiming for a TN Visa under NAFTA, you’ve got a couple of options to consider.

One path is the Computer Systems Analyst route. That covers a bunch of IT roles like software devs, network admins, and database gurus. Basically, if you’ve got a bachelor’s in computer science or something close, this could be your go-to.

Now, if you’ve specialized in computer engineering, there’s another door open – the Computer Engineer category. These folks focus more on designing and testing computer hardware and software systems.

Here is a table that summarizes the educational requirements for each category

Category Educational Requirements
Computer Systems Analyst Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field
Computer Engineer Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering

In addition to the educational requirements, you will also need to have a job offer from a US employer that is willing to sponsor you for a TN Visa. The job offer must be for a position that aligns with the duties of a Computer Systems Analyst or Computer Engineer.

If you’re leaning towards the broader spectrum and your degree aligns more with computer science, the Systems Analyst gig might be the smoother path. But hey, if you’re all about that computer engineering world and have the degree to match, that could be your spot.

Remember, it’s not just about the degree; you need a job offer from a US employer that lines up with either of these roles to make the TN Visa magic happen.

If you’re serious about this, chatting with an immigration attorney might be your next move. They can dive into your specifics and guide you through the process.

Oh, and for more detailed visa info or help navigating this maze, you might want to reach out to the visa gurus at tnvisaexpert. They’re super knowledgeable and can probably help iron out any confusion. You can hit them up at, call them at  800-471-6326, or find them on Skype at tnvisaexpert.

Submitted by: Gary W. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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